Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Outrageous October

I think this my first time repeating a post title which means I've been blogging for more than a year! Let's just say I don't finish everything I start (especially journaling) so I'm feeling accomplished.

Brad went on another business trip to San Antonio this month. I'm not a huge fan of my hubby being gone for a week but I'm starting to get used to it. He made it home just in time for General Conference! We have traditions for this semi-annual event like eating Utz cheese balls and making monkey bread while we stay home and watch it on Tv. I love hearing the prophet and apostles speak at General Conference! It's amazing how so many of the talks go hand in hand even though the speakers are not assigned topics. I've been thinking a lot lately about things the prophets have warned against way before they became issues in the world. Joseph Smith revealed the Word of Wisdom before doctors knew the harm of smoking, alcohol, and now they finally seem to realize tea and coffee are bad for us too. At Brad's last doctor visit for an ear infection they asked if he drinks coffee right after asking about smoking and alcohol. The Family Proclamation was revealed before the definition of family and marriage became issues in politics and the general authorities have been warning against pornography for a long time. People - religious or not - are seeing the horrible effects of it now. I've read a lot of articles lately by "experts" about people falling victim to that addiction (especially kids) because it's so easy to access now. One person described how when he was a kid people had to go searching for pornography but now it finds us. Kids are bombarded with advertisements, pop ups and junk that as parents we need to be way more proactive than our parents needed to be in protecting our kids from this stuff. Brad and I hope to provide a safe and happy home for our kids where we can first teach them to strengthen their own relationship with Heavenly Father and then have the courage to go out into the world, be themselves, stand up for what they know is right and choose to stay away from everything else. I saw a quote that read, "Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it. Right is right even if no one is doing it."

I took the kids for a walk on a hot day right before a lunch date. Jayda tripped and rolled head first into the dirt, attracting it all over her sweaty skin and then sucked it off her fingers.

My nephew, David, received his baby blessing this month and we were able to go to my brother's ward to hear it! Brad joined the circle as my brother gave his baby boy a name and a blessing for the records of our church. We're so blessed to live close to my brother's family here in Florida. We have so much fun - when we can get together. Living twenty minutes away sometimes feels further than it really is now that we both have two kids. I'm always learning new things from my sister-in-law Jen. She's basically good at everything. If there's ever a craft, hobby, talent or topic in anything about which I'd like to learn more, she undoubtedly can help me. I'm just grateful I can benefit from her knowledge and advice while we live close.

My brother's family and us after my nephew's baby blessing. Don't mind me standing sideways. I thought Joel and Jen were huddled in close behind me but apparently we had plenty of space for the picture.

Brad flew to Utah for his brother's wedding and left his family in Florida *sniff*. Tyler and Samantha were sealed in the Draper, Utah temple and I was so sad I couldn't be there. I haven't met Sam yet and I haven't been to a live temple sealing since my own wedding! But everyone in the family is going to Idaho for Christmas so hopefully my heart will heal from missing all the wedding action.

The Men

Pumpkin patch

We carved a pumpkin for our porch...

And then realized we live in Florida.

This took about a week.

For Halloween we dressed as paper doll clothes. We didn't color in our clothes because it would have taken forever with colored pencil or crayons. It would have looked cooler that way though. We made a tutu for Jayda too but she refused to wear it by screaming her head off.  Creative costumes are hard with little ones but we're determined to continue our family themes. We'll just have to think of ones that are comfortable and versatile.

For trick or treating Jayda turned into a monster instead.

But then it was pretty warm outside...

So Jayda was really just her cute self on Halloween.

Daddy picked purple flowers for his girls on a walk

Do you see it?

I did not want to blow out my first candle of the season.

sick baby = more cuddles!

Adventures in Babysitting: a trip to Costco where everyone thought we have twin toddlers and a baby:

Jayda's bodyguards at the park.

Pinterest Fail: Sort of a snow globe in a water bottle. Meant to be used during time-outs to help kids calm down. I'll be trying this again because I really want it.

Found Kallie like this after her nap.

Hiding in the kitchen munching on a block of cheese. From Costco. Which means it's at least twice as big as regular blocks of cheese.

Made beds out of toy bins for their stuffed friends.

This is how Kallie's book shelf usually looks. Sigh.

Bed buds

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